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Get Ready for the Book of Paul

Mark this date June 24th. It has an impactful meaning not just to Paul Askew, but to the world. Why? Because it marks the gift that keeps on giving. We know you are asking what is the gift and why is this so impactful. It’s impactful to the Paul, because it marks the anniversary date of the loss of his mom and he has dedicated to making this date as the date of his first album called “The Book of Paul”.

In today’s industry anything that can be streamed can played, and placed on repeat again on all streaming platforms. Paul is a real down to earth artist who has poured his heart and soul in to a melody within each chapter of the book. The lead single from his album “Save Me” marked a major come back which has already landed him on the Billboard Charts.

The journey of a king living out his dream in the footsteps of what his mom would have wanted him to do. If you are someone who has battled depression, or uncertainty of what you should or could do with your life when it comes to career choices. Then you have to understand that you download this album on June 24th, the words, and melody is coming from a man who overcame several struggles.

We are looking at Paul Askew now, as an example of what you can do when you have pure talent. You must use the gifts that God has given you to launch your next steps.  Paul Askew is serving us everything from a being a billboard artist, singer, producer, songwriter, CEO, and entrepreneur.  Yes, we added to entrepreneur because this gentleman has his own men’s clothing line. He has teamed with Nigerian fashion designer Dave Mando for his contributions to fashion industry. Dave Mando is also featured on one of the singles on the new album as an artist.

The artist wears the clothing designs on his cover art and graphics which gives us a snapshot of his fashion clothing line. Individuals with a unique style or outstanding appearance, have the ability to influence a new fashion trend, as their music grows popular.  Paul is a multi-genre artist where is musical style is beautiful just like the colors within the fabric of his clothing line. “The Book of Paul” can relate to everyone and has diversity to touch people across the world.  His new album drops on June 24th and we are here for it. We can’t wait for you to hear on all of your devices including mp3’s and cd players. The album will accommodate everything from old school to new school.

If you would like to order from Paul’s clothing line and also keep up with the latest music releases of Paul Askew you check out his website: Music Production – Music Management for Singers and Musicians (

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