Forget mansplaining — transplaining is the woke way for men to talk down to women

Suddenly, mansplaining is a good thing.

Or so I can only conclude after watching Sophia Lorey, a 23-year-old former college soccer player leading a talk on defending “the original intent of Title IX.”

Before she’s even through her preamble, Lorey is shouted down by two men and booted from a California library for having the gall to acknowledge in front of the “we believe in science” fan club the fact that biological males are now playing women’s sports.

How else to approach a frank talk, specifically about keeping women’s sports fair — and female?

In the clip, which is now circulating online, Lorey stands at a lectern in the Mary L. Stephens Davis branch library located in Davis, California and introduces the session, which was meant to “empower and protect girls sports and female athletes.”

She lays out the library’s “code of behavior” adding that comments and questions will be taken at the end.

Sophia Lorey standing at a lecturn in the library.
Sophia Lorey stands at the lecturn at a California library before she was interrupted by two men who said she was “misgendering” trans women.
CA Family Council / twitter

A male librarian interrupts Lorey.
The male librarian interrupts Lorey before she even finishes her preamble, over her noting that men are playing in women’s sports.
CA Family Council / twitter

The talk, Lorey said, was going to explore the “physiological advantage of male athletes,” and the “emotional and psychological impact on girls when men play on their sports teams” noting girls’ dreams of playing college athletics is in peril, “as long as men are allowed to compete in womens sports.”

Lorey, who played college ball at Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, Calif., was drowned out by a dude’s voice, shouting, “Are you going to misgender people throughout the entire [talk]?”

A second one says, “We don’t want any transgender females called males.” And the male librarian shuts her down, saying misgendering is against their policy.

Sophia Lorey holding a drink.
Sophia Lorey was interrupted and booted from a library after she referred to “men” competing “in women’s sports.”

Not only were these two men espousing their rejection of biological reality. They were, as the left is fond of saying, simply, “mansplaining”: Commandeering a conversation from a female intimately acquainted with her subject matter.

The word “mansplaining” has been a central part of our cultural conversation since it was named one of the New York Times‘ “words of the year” in 2010, though the concept crystalized two years earlier in an essay by author Rebecca Solnit.

A 2012 piece in the Atlantic described it as “explaining without regard to the fact that the explainee knows more than the explainer, often done by a man to a woman.”

During the 2020 presidential race, then Vice President Mike Pence was roundly accused of the high crime of mansplaining while in the throes of a debate with Kamala Harris.

“Mr Vice President, I’m speaking,” she told him with withering condescension. Despite their exchange taking place in the context of a verbal joust where rhetorical chops should matter more than sex, Harris’ phrase became a feminist battlecry, a slogan repeated ad nauseam and printed on shirts, pillows and stickers — a bottomless gift shop for the pink pussy hat set.

A t-shirt featuring Kamala Harris and her phrase, "I'm Speaking."
One of the many merch offerings cashing in on Kamala Harris’s reply to Mike Pence who was accused of “mansplaining” during a debate

Kamala Harris and Mike Pence sit across from each other on the debate stage in 2020.
Kamala Harris and then Vice President Mike Pence spar during a VP debate during the 2020 presidential debate, where Harris told him, “I’m speaking.”
AFP via Getty Images

It was also proof of how the word itself, lobbed at nearly every GOP figure in the last decade, was merely a projection of partisan political beliefs. A cheap but cheered on method to disarm and discredit men, especially with whom progressives disagreed.

In 2020, the NY Times asked, “Why are men still explaining things to women?”

Suddenly, no one on the left is asking this once pressing question.

And surprise, surprise, it has faded as our binary world is blurred and biological men encroach on female spaces.

Swimmer Lia Thomas celebrates a win at the Ivy League Championship.
Lia Thomas, who was born Will Thomas swam for the UPenn women’s team – and later lectured females on feminism.
Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

Swimmer Lia Thomas stands on the podium after winning an Ivy League championship.
Thomas dominated the women’s category after transitioning.
AFP via Getty Images

The hypocrisy is chilling, as men who claim to be women preach to us about periods, win “women of the year” awards and Lia Thomas, who was able to swim on the UPenn women’s team about five minutes after declaring himself female, lectured us the concept of feminism.

Male egos, once prime targets for feminists, are now to be coddled, cradled and never questioned — if they check off a certain identity box.

Forget the girls who get beaten by males on the tennis courts, in the swim lanes and bike trails. Forget the college swim team that changed in a janitor’s closet because they felt uncomfortable disrobing in a locker with Thomas, who still had a penis.

Trans cyclist Austin Killips stands on the podium after a race.
Cyclist Austin Killips (right), who now competes in the women’s division won a North Carolina race by five minutes.
BELGA MAG/AFP via Getty Images

Screw the women inmates who don’t want to be behind bars with men or the 17-year-old girl who ran into a man and his genitilia in the ladies locker at a California YMCA.

Nope, it’s now about prioritizing the feelings of men over the experiences and expertise of women.

All these dudes have to do is self-identify as ladies – or play along with all of these new gender identities. Just like that, magically, they’re not mansplainers, they’re unimpeachable rulers of the universe encouraged to tell us chicks, how it is.

And we’re just supposed to sit back and enjoy being transplained to.

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