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Faith Tribe Unveils Beta Platform Empowering Fashion Creators with a Phygital Toolkit

Faith Tribe Ltd. announces the upcoming launch of its revolutionary membership platform and utility toolkit, set to empower fashion creators in the new fashion economy. The platform will provide digital tools and physical solutions that enable designers, artists, and small businesses to design, manufacture, market, and distribute their creations. Moreover, it will serve as a vibrant community hub offering peer collaboration, guidance from industry leaders, and exposure to world-class events.

Faith Tribe’s Co-founder and Chairman, Wahid Chammas, expressed his excitement about expanding knowledge and access to tools for digital and physical transformation in the fashion industry. The membership platform with tailored services for fashion creators lays the foundation for participation in their community of open-sourced talent and opportunities.

As the platform website and membership program near launch, Faith Tribe proudly announces its core digital partners: Threedium, DressX, and Solaire. These industry-leading partners will contribute their expertise in 3D experiences, digital fashion, and Web3 commerce infrastructure, respectively. Andrea Abrams, Faith Tribe’s Chief of Strategy, emphasized the importance of curating essential tools for fashion creators in the era of the Spatial Web, as the industry shifts toward a more circular and phygital approach.

Threedium’s Co-founder and CEO, Mike Charalambous, expressed enthusiasm for their collaboration with Faith Tribe, aiming to revolutionize the fashion industry. Their 3D infrastructure will empower fashion designers globally to create exceptional brands and products while prioritizing cost-efficiency and sustainability.

DRESSX, the largest digital fashion store, is excited to merge fashion, technology, innovation, and sustainable practices with Faith Tribe. The co-founders, Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova, share the vision for a better change in the fashion industry and look forward to showcasing the results of their collaboration.

Faith Tribe’s leadership boasts decades of experience in the fashion and retail space, recognizing the need for a new approach to business planning and phygital commerce platforms in the new fashion ecosystem. Together with their partners, Faith Tribe aims to reshape the future of fashion, fusing technology and business acumen with boundless creativity.

The Faith Tribe platform will feature a Creative Hub to showcase member creations, collaborations, and phygital collections. As the platform launches in phases, it will offer a range of membership benefits, partner services, phygital programs, and on-chain services. The platform’s flexibility will allow it to grow with its participants and cater to the evolving needs of its members.

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