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Exclusive Interview with Dewey, who is helping middle-class Americans fight IRS pro bono!

Question 1: so, you actually help other Americans 100% free?

Answer 1: yes, if they apply on and our eligible for my program, yes

Q2: so, what would an American citizen need to qualify for your help pro bono?

A2: if I can tell that they are living paycheck to paycheck, and I can tell that they will stick with any deal that I strike with the IRS, that deserves my help. I started this because of a gentleman who once owned a trucking company. He was 78 years old. When he called me, he said “I don’t know if I can afford your help“ and I’ve decided that I would do all of the necessary work for him pro bono. After which, a realized that I don’t know with any tax firm, that does any type of work, pro bono. So, if they meet my criteria, or if they have served, are serving, or was/is an immediate family member of a veteran/active duty, military, or police officer, past or present, I will help them pro bono.

Q3: so you are pretty active politically, is that correct?

A3: F by “active“ you mean, I read the news, and keep myself informed, that is absolutely true.

Q3: your report, the news on your podcast, correct?

A3: yes, daily.

Q4: so, if a person that is reading this sense that what you were doing by helping fellow Americans that are behind on their taxes want to help, how may they do so? I ask because you said that you have helped over 90 people pro bono in 2022. So, if someone wants to donate to your cause, how many they do so?

A4: however, I am not yet a 501(c)(3) charity. Therefore, it would not be a tax write off if they were to donate to me.

Q5: how do you balance helping so many people and staying politically active?

A5: I sleep less.

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