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Everything About the Young Investment Tycoons, Jason Mcgee and Jamaal Evans

A brand new platform that ensures a safe and secure investment experience for all is being designed by a young entrepreneur and business partner duo, Jason McGee and Jamal Evans. The duo has already proved their expert knowledge and skills when it comes to the Forex market. And especially when the duo added the sectors of oil and gas to their business portfolio, it marked the start of their journey of becoming business tycoons in the Forex trading world, since where they never had to look back. It is needless to say that more than a handful number of investors have immensely benefited from the knowledge of the duo, who have further gone ahead and made big profits from making business deals in the Forex trading industry.

 It is from Jason and Jamaal’s expert knowledge that the common people have come to know about the huge potential of the oil and gas industry in terms of Forex investment. Especially for investors who are not willing to spend big bucks, the oil and gas industry has proven to be immensely profitable and brings back huge gains. Jason and Jamaal have recently partnered with Permian Basin Proppants, a company that fractures oil and distributes sand. And under their guidance, more than 500 investors have partnered, and made big gains from the same company!

Jamaal started learning Forex trading way back in 2005 and further taught it to Jason. It is from there that the duo learned the necessary skills and tricks it requires to lessen the common risks involved with Forex trading while making profits at the same time. It was Jason who implemented the marketing portion, and he took charge of making promotions as well. Jason further associated themselves with an oil and gas company, where they soon took the positions of vice presidents.

At present, Jason and Jamaal have taken it upon themselves to create a unique platform where anyone and everyone can come forward to invest safely and securely. It is their mission to create a new path, where people from all across the globe can forward to double their assets and make huge profits, but without any extra hassle or risks commonly associated with trading. And this is where investing in oil and gas comes in, as it has plenty of opportunities. It is due to this reason that billionaires all over the world have enthusiastically come down to invest in this industry and make big gains!

It is the mission of Jason and Jamaal to make investing in the oil and gas industry easier for new investors, which is why they are they are presently creating an app as well as starting a learning program for new investors. Jason and Jamaal also have an active interest in charity work and have started “The Movement”, which is a charitable foundation. The duo also has further plans to travel across the globe and raise awareness in people about safe investment.

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