Country singer Renee Blair says she lost ‘roughly half the blood in my body’ during childbirth

Country singer Renee Blair revealed that she lost over two liters of blood while giving birth to her first child.

Blair announced on Instagram Friday that she and her husband Jordan Schmidt welcomed a son in a black and white image of the new family in a hospital bed. 

Alongside the photo, Blair included a series of written posts in which she recounted the harrowing ordeal that she endured shortly after her delivery.

“If you’re wondering what happened, two hours after giving birth I lost over 2 liters of blood in under thirty minutes (imagine dumping out a huge 2L bottle of soda, that’s all I could think about) and had to be transferred to a different floor to try and get things under control,” the 31-year-old musician wrote.

Blair continued, “I ended up losing roughly half the blood in my body. This last week since coming home I’ve had panic attacks just walking from my bed to the couch after catching glimpses of myself in the mirror looking so pale and from feeling so weak.”

While the “Heart’s In Your Head” singer admitted that the experience was scary, she said that her health was improving every day. 

“I’m not gonna lie, it freaks me out!,” she wrote. “But you know what, one more thing about life, it goes on. I am regaining strength and color every day…and how amazing is it our body has the capability to tell us what we need to slow down, if we just pay attention to it and listen — I haven’t always been good at that, but what a way to learn that lesson.”

“And after one week with this little angel muffin of a baby boy, I am further convinced that all the corny cliches are true,” Blair added. “I’d go through it all again to feel the feeling of just watching him open his eyes, seeing his chest move up and down as he breathes while he sleeps, and hearing his cry that is music to my ears.”

“Life is very much in fact EVERYTHING,” she concluded.

Country singer Renee Blair opened up about losing "roughly half the blood in my body" during childbirth.
Country singer Renee Blair opened up about losing “roughly half the blood in my body” during childbirth.

Blair also reflected on the meaning of life in another note that she included in her post.

“Life,” she wrote. “How many times during a wild wave of it have we all stopped and asked ourselves, ‘what is life?’”

“Today has been a week since I brought life into this world while simultaneously feeling like I might be losing my own,” Blair continued. “How weird is that?”

Blair announced in May that she and her husband Jordan Schmidt were expecting their first child.
Renee Blair announced in May that she and her husband Jordan Schmidt were expecting their first child.
Penske Media via Getty Images

“Through the chaos and the days since, when attempting to process, I found myself realizing that life is simply everything,” she added. “Life is fragile, life is magical, life is short but life is wonderful.”

“Life is beautiful, confusing, tragic, insane, chaotic, too fast, overwhelming, incredible, a rollercoaster. Yes, life, you are everything.”

Blair and Schmidt, 35, married in Nashville last September after five years of dating.

The “Holy Cowboy” songstress revealed that she and the music producer were expecting their first child as she debuted her baby bump on the red carpet at the 2023 American Country Music Awards.

At the awards show, the duo were nominated for song of the year after co-writing HARDY’s hit country song “Wait In the Car.”

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