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Chump Change Club Unveils The Best Reward System For Members In The NFT Space

Chump Change Club is set to unveil the best reward system ever in the NFT space. Created with members’ profitability in mind, the club will be the first-ever to offer a huge portion of every NFT sold to members while ensuring endless profits through a lifetime membership.

The club focuses on investing and creating successful entrepreneurs, cartoons, and the normal NFT. Members invest in the NFT, and the company takes a larger royalty from every tie of the NFT sold and invests a portion back into the club to market and grow members’ revenue.

The club also invests in other profitable revenue streams, focusing mainly on the crypto world, with most of the royalties going back to the members every month.

Chump Change Club will offer members the best utility with insanely huge profits for each NFT sold every month by giving 40% of the royalties to club members, creating a passive income stream.

For every royalty sold by the club, 20% goes back to the club to market, build the club, and invest in other income streams to add to the profit pool. Another 20% goes to the GOLD MVP members, 10% to the SILVER VIP members, 10% donation to a charity voted on by the gold and silver members, and the remaining 40% is shared among club members every month.

Unlike other NFT oriented clubs, the club will be paying its members insanely high profits from the royalties sold and offering incredible utilities that benefit every member. The club will teach members how to build business credits and create a passive income stream.

Additionally, members will have access to coaching by highly resourceful industry Gurus. Although such coaching sessions cost thousands to attend, Chump Change Club allows members to participate in the coaching sessions for free.

Our goal isn’t just to reward our members with the royalties, our goal is to help our members create passive revenue streams for themselves in the high-tech space called the metaverse because this is where the opportunity is right now, and nobody should miss out,” the founder stated in the Discord channel.

According to the plan, Chump Change Club will launch a pre-sale in Mid January 2022, start organizing meetups, make courses available for members, and in mid-2022, do more launches to earn members enormous income.

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