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Celebrity-Endorsed Artist Seek One Fall Exhibit Coming To The White Room Gallery in The Hamptons

Seek One, the contemporary street artist with collectors including Quavo, Meghan Trainer and Tony Robbins, has announced an upcoming show with The White Room Gallery in the Hamptons, beginning with an opening reception on October 8th and running through November 13th.

Located in Bridgehampton, The White Room Gallery’s upcoming exhibition is titled On The Bright Side. The exhibition will present numerous artworks by Seek One, alongside other participating artists such as Jack Flo, John Joseph Hanright and Linda Zacks.. The name, On The Bright Side, refers to the group’s bright and vibrant aesthetic.

Seek One’s long-standing partnership with The White Room brings at least one annual show featuring his work, with this year’s show coming right off the heels of his most recent feature with Gallery 23 in New York City. The artist’s work is particularly resonant with New York and surrounding area street art collectors.

In fact, we learned that The White Room holds a significant place in Seek One’s art career. We spoke with Seek One just recently and learned about this significance as well as other aspects of his recent growth.

  1. Tell us about your partnership with The White Room Gallery. How did it come about?

My partnership with The White Room Gallery was brought together by chance and now acts as one of my main galleries in the northeast. When I was first starting out as an artist The White Room had put out a call for artists which I had applied to. Luckily they were fans of my art and accepted two works into the gallery, both sold very quickly. From that point on we have been debuting my art in the Hamptons and Miami during Art Basel for nearly 5 years now.

  1. The show is called On The Bright Side, is there a theme for the different artworks included in the show, including your own?

The title of this show refers to the bright and vibrant aesthetic of my work and the other participating artists.

  1. Are you able to share any other artists also included?

Jack Flo, John Joseph Hanright, Linda Zacks

  1. How can people get their hands on one of your pieces during the show, is there a website where they can view the pieces if they cannot attend in person? (on gallery website)

You can access the show by going to the gallery’s website, there you will find detailed descriptions, images and prices on each piece. I will also be actively posting on my instagram showcasing the new collection.

  1. Will any of your digital NFT pieces be included in the show?

Unfortunately not, this event is strictly physical art.

  1. What are you most excited about at the opening of the show?

I’m most excited to showcase a handful of new paintings and be able to attend the show in person. I don’t typically get to all of the openings so I am very excited to be there in person and hang out with everyone.

  1. You also have a partnership with Gallery 23 in NYC, how is this new show you are involved with different?

Because The White Room Gallery is in the Hamptons I typically make pieces that resemble more of a beach/retro vibe. Gallery 23 currently has pieces that resemble a slightly more urban aesthetic. I try to curate my works to match what the demographic wants surrounding each of my galleries.

  1. What is the process like when you are deciding what particular artworks you wish to display and create in different galleries?

See above!

  1. You must be happy to see in-person openings thriving post-pandemic, was this something you missed dearly during the pandemic?

This was absolutely missed during the pandemic! Hosting art shows is one of the best parts of being an artist in my opinion. Interacting with collectors and seeing their reactions to your works is priceless.

  1. What is next on the horizon in the next few months for you?

Over the next few months, I will be mostly in my studio preparing for Art Basel week in Miami. I have a lot of cool things in the works and am hoping to make this my biggest one yet!

Ahead of the exhibition opening next month, you can access The White Room’s website, where you will find detailed descriptions, images and prices on each piece that will be on display. Stop by the opening reception on Saturday, October 8th to meet Seek One and view new pieces curated specifically for this show.

Be sure to check out Seek One and the multitude of bright and vibrant aesthetics he shares with the other artists on display at The White Room Gallery located at 2415 Main St, Bridgehampton, NY running from October 5th – November 13th.

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