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Body contouring Spa Owner turns a business into a million-dollar empire

Like most business owners in this thriving economy, Sabrina Lee, a resident of Lawrenceville, Georgia had a fair share of downfall and failure but that didn’t stop her from creating her 7-figure empire – Herway Beauty.

She started her first business over 8 years ago after having her first child to provide a peaceful atmosphere for fellow women to help promote self-care. It was and still is important to let women have a safe space to cater to the women that often cater to others and put herself last as a mom and a wife. The journey was not easy at all – and she had to close her first venture due to many factors but she picked herself up. She was determined to prove the world and one business failure was not enough for her grit, fighting spirit, and determination.

Equipped with the experience and learnings – she decided to start a new business hence Herway Beauty Spa and Salon was born. She decided to invest more in her knowledge and dived into a then not-so-popular industry – Body Contouring. She perfected her craft, trained her staff to do the same, and since helped hundreds of women – and men who needed assistance with achieving their dream physique. Making Herway Beauty and Spa a huge success for her – but she didn’t stop there.

Fast forward to 2020, Sabrina Lee decided to open Herway Beauty and Training Institute when she teaches Non-Invasive Body Contouring procedures to women who are looking to open their own business. She has then helped over 5000 women with her in-person and online classes. Beauty spa owners love her direct-to-the-point way of teaching and her at-you-pace classes allow you to learn from anywhere, anytime.

She offers multiple variants of education including marketing webinars, short

at-your-pace courses, ebooks, and more. Her best-selling ebook “DIY Slimming Gels and More” gives recipes to body contouring supplies that one can sell wholesale or retail.

She also owns the only Black Owned Wholesale Spa Supply Warehouse in Georgia.

Sabrina recently published one of her greatest wins where she shared her $1M+ earning from her Training Institute 8 months into 2021. There’s no doubt that she has had a huge share of the success of this industry over the past 2 years.

Non-invasive Body contouring aims to reshape an area of the body without surgery, pain and downtime. With the global issue of weight gain that was a side effect of the pandemic, this industry has boomed over 200% (2.8 billion in 2020) and is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.6% from 2021 to 2028 according to Grand View Research.

If you are looking into opening your own spa business, make sure to join Sabrina Lee’s 101 Body Contouring Group where she goes live often to help fellow entrepreneurs with marketing and vital industry tips.

You can also reach check her out via her Instagram account: herway_spabody

Visit her website for all your body contouring classes, marketing webinars, and spa supply needs.

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