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A completely free of charge alternative online Leadership MBA!

Michel F. Bolle, bestselling author, global sales leader, leadership expert, and merchant of “WOW”, the former head coach of the Swiss Volleyball Men’s National team is a true action-taking phenomenon. With the Management & Technology Institute in Switzerland, Michel has launched a true revolution in online education.

What exactly is the “alternative executive leadership MBA”?

This is the first completely free alternative to an MBA for professionals, entrepreneurs & future business owners. The alternative executive leadership MBA is a highly practical and up-to-date online program, where you learn from the best,  and gain a unique understanding of business to accelerate your career, launch, or scale your own business – all for a minimal investment of time and completely free, unlike in traditional business schools.

And when we say completely free, this is exactly what it is:

– No admission fee
– No study fee
– No examination fee
– Lifetime membership in our prestigious alumni association

… we even ship to our students a printed diploma, free of charge to anywhere in the world!

Who is the Management & Technology Institute in Switzerland?

The “Management & Technology Institute (MTI)” is a private Swiss learning institution founded in 2016 by three friends dedicated to education. The MTI is a Swiss non-profit association and a legal structure in Swiss law, defined in the civil code The MTI is offering a high-quality, up-to-date, alternative executive Leadership MBA program. The MTI follows high-quality educational standards and is organized according to ISO 9001-2015.

Why offer a completely free-of-charge leadership MBA course?

“I’m a true believer that everyone in this world should have the right to access high-quality education. No matter where you come from or what your financial capabilities are” – Michel F. Bolle

There are a lot of very talented people out in this world. Unfortunately, some of them are just in a situation that makes it impossible for them to attend a traditional University. In some cases money is missing in other cases people have just chosen a non-traditional way of education. Within our students, we also have high-level athletes that simply do not have the time to attend a university program.

With the MTI we want to close that gap and allow anyone motivated the get this leadership MBA knowledge certified.

Is the MTI online Leadership MBA course a competition to traditional Universities

Absolutely not! Traditional Universities are awarding degrees, which are accredited and allow you to continue your learning path with a doctorate.

The MTI is offering a certificate attesting your knowledge in certain fields.

MTI students, most of the time can not access traditional University programs. The reasons for that are vast; missing financial capabilities, missing time, or simply the fact of not having an undergraduate degree.

We see our offer as complementary to accredited universities. Some of our students use our self-study course to prepare themselves for a traditional degree.

How is your MBA certificate recognized on the market?

It is well received by many international companies. It is not easy to achieve our certificate based on a self-study course. Self-Study is maybe the most difficult way of studying. You need to be very well organized, focussed and need to show some persistence to finish the course work.

The level of our final examination is very demanding. Students have to show proof of their knowledge by developing practical cases. We do not use methods such as multiple-choice questions.

 Michel F. Bolle you are a very successful sales executive in the industrial valve business. Why have you engaged in such a project?

Oh yes! You are right… the industrial valve business is my passion and my day job takes my 12-14 hours a day. But if you organize your life in the right way, there is plenty of time for other projects.

As said before, I’m a true believer that everyone in this world should have the right to get his knowledge certified. A couple of years ago I wrote a bestseller called “The Art of Successful Leadership”. This book is quite different from many others available on the market. I had to chance to experience leadership in many different roles: business, high-level sports, military service, and for sure the family.

We teach our students concepts that are based on “real-life” experiences.

Leading different people, each with their particular set of beliefs can be very complicated. Even more difficult is the task set for the person who is somehow assigned the responsibility of bringing all of these divergent people under one common goal; lighting a fire in them, creating magic, and building up new leaders is a real challenge.

The concepts taught in my book are my tears and sweat for years. I wrote it all down so that our student’s leadership journey can be faster and easier than mine was.

This concept is completely different than leadership books written by University professors who spent their lives in a classroom.

In the end, the Management & Technology Institutes in Switzerland along with its Leadership MBA course is my most important life project. I want to make something extraordinary out of this learning institute and contribute to a better world.

The world, life and the people surrounding me have given me a lot to me. I’ve been very fortunate in many fields such as business, sports, and family. I have the strong will to give something back to the world and  the life of others…

“True success in life is creating value that benefits to others” – Michel F. Bolle


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